About Doni

Doni is an outreach fundraising app dedicated to reinvent and nurture new living experiences for people, through the use of fundraising campaigns.

The app allows a digital support system for people to engage, connect and inform. Doni gives them an opportunity to get under their own spotlight and tell their part of the story to the world.

Support communities

Support communities by funding them and sharing their story

Allow yourself to explore and discover different communities and stories from different people. Know and support their humble beginnings and lead them to success.

Support communities

Easily create a campaign for your cause

Effortlessly convey your stories in the app through your fundraiser campaigns while connecting your cause with different people and informing them with timely updates and pictures.

Support communities

Send and receive money all through the security of Valora

Confidently send your donations and keep your money controlled and secure with Valora. Receive or direct your donations with ease anytime and anywhere.

Two phones showing the Doni app